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When I started this collection I thought  about the target group that I was trying to reach. It’s my Generation (lets say from 1989 to 1999). Millennials are the generation who has been raised under the mantra „follow your dreams“ and always told being special, this is why they tend to be confident.

They grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world. And they are also the generation that has received the most marketing attention. Unlike the previous, the Millennial generation is more connected than ever. They have all the possibilities to get foreign jobs or scholarships, to learn languages online, make global fundraisers, start blogs/websites, meet and or date people from the other side of the world and so much more. They can freely promote their skills, and creative ideas of whatever they want. What others say about Millennials is that:  „It’s a fact that their voices can be heard easier, faster and further than ever before.“To some extent, this makes Millennials maybe the most privileged generation so far, it allows them to be connected and certainly have special opportunities. In the older generations Millennials are considered of being distracted, lazy, passive, impatience, self-centered, unfocused, or superficial.  

But has someone ever though about the huge pressure they have due to all this fast-paced life and environment? Perhaps it’s just a defense mechanism they establish from having so many opportunities, constant comparison and access to the lives of others? Although it seems like having  the world in the hands through the internet, this also carries a lot of weight to it. Have you ever thought that they may be too young, fragile or uncertain on how to deal with all the opportunities, changes and expectations? As a Millennial, they may have more possibilities than their parents or grandparents, but that also means that they have a whole lot more to process and complete.

Every generation faces and lives with the pros and cons which their time brings, the Millennials are dealing with the world of today. Their daily life consists of constant change, notifications, availability, mobility and they try adapting to all of this. Don’t forget that it wasn’t their choice to be born in this time and don’t forget that they are just a byproduct of the era which they are living in. 


Photography: Efren Wenderlich  |  Videography: Jens Lopez  |  Make up: