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I do not know what it took me to go to Moscow, actually I wanted to go to New York on my next trip. It happened while I was riding my bike, the feeling that I want to go to Moscow came quite suddenly. Feeling. Idea. Implementation.

If I put something in my head, then I have to do it. Well, so I went to Moscow. Unplanned. Suddenly. It was more like a dream, because I only had 5 days in Moscow. Once immersed. Feelings, mood and surraundings perceived. The beauty aknowledged and the friendliness met again. This trip was far too short and I had the feeling that it wasn‘t yet completed. I wanted to hold on to it somehow. At least a bit. Maybe create a small memory. For the future. For the feeling. As perfection. As satisfaction. As an expression of my emotional world.

This is the origin of this collection. I interpreted my journey into it; seen, found, experienced, eaten, admired, felt, simply interpreted the whole package of my study. 

Everything else has also found its meaning for me and developed gradually. The bodys around the hips and woolfabrics are inspired by the cold which is still found in some corners and of course in the russian winter. The winter months in Moscow should, according to a young man, be the most beautiful ones.

In fact, the colors have sprung from my admiration for Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. Dating back to the 16th Century, according to the legend of Tsar Ivan the terrible was so impressed with her that he blinded the two master builders that they can never create something more beautiful. 

The gold and white inspirations came from my fascination with the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer. Just after I‘ve seen the incredible structure of such splendor and felt the immense power aura, I get to know its story: It was commissioned by Tsar Alexander in gratitude for the victory over Napoleon (1812). After the october revolution, the building was blown up in 1931 as an unwanted symbol of the tsarist empire. In 1992, Yeltsin announced a reconstruction of the cathedral and so it happened that it was reopened on december 31, 1999, just as grand and sublime as before. Without knowing the historical background one would probably not realize that it is a reconstruction.

Photography: Efren Wenderlich & Vera Koh |  Models: Ann-Kathrin Winhuysen & Orianné |  Make up: Rika Morena Make-Up Academy – Jil-Virginia Karabas, Gizem Gülsevgi.